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Have a Faulty Oil Pressure Sensor? Let Us Know

Over the past two years, more than 25 transit agencies had approached VeriTranz about issues they were having with the most widely installed transit bus engine oil pressure sensor. We built a new component, made right here in the USA, to replace these faulty oil pressure sensors, which we ship to any transit agency in the United States and Canada.

How Our Custom Oil Pressure Sensors Solved the Problem

The faulty OEM device had problems related to oil passing through the sensor and leaking into the wiring of the engine harness, external leaking from below the integrated connector, and failure of the sensing element, which can result in a low or zero oil pressure signal being sent to the ECM. These failures can lead to a road call if the engine moves to a derate or shutdown condition.

VeriTranz by Veritech Inc. developed a US-made welded chamber stainless steel oil pressure sensor with an FCI receptacle and pigtail that is “plug & play” with the OEM harness plug. Our first form, fit, and function prototype install was at SEPTA in Philadelphia. They now have more than 150 units installed on their fleet and recently placed an order which wll bring them to over 200 units. We have these oil pressure sensors installed at over 45 transit agencies and have since developed units for the CNG and L9 diesel engines. The VeriTranz part number for the most common diesel replacement is VT280100-OPS.  The CNG version that replaces the oil pressure sensors on ISL-G engines is out VT280100-CNG1 and the replacement on the newer L9 diesel is our VT280100-OPS2.

As our customers tell us the exact sensor they need, VeriTranz fabricates them to meet those precise specifications. Don’t let your transit fleet settle for less. Contact us online for more information on our customized oil pressure sensors.

VT280100-OPS Stainless Steel Diesel Oil Pressure Sensor


Many of our customers have informed us about problems they were having with leak-through failures of the OEM oil pressure sensors on the transit bus diesel engines.  The separate diaphragm and seal on the OEM sensor can be compromised and allow oil to migrate down the harness to the ECM.  If the oil infiltrates the ECM, the resulting failure can be very costly with the repair of one bus going north of $10,000 when all is said and done.  Even if the failure does not involve the ECM, the failing sensors will cause the bus engine to derate or shut down depending on the reported pressure and RPMs.  This results in the bus being towed into the garage to have the sensor changed out and sending out another bus to pick up the passengers who have been seriously inconvenienced.

Our US Made sensor features a stainless steel welded chamber design which cannot suffer the leak-through failures of the OEM device. The OEM sensor is not only prone to internal leaks but external leaks as well, due to the molded plastic receptacle being epoxied to the sensor body.  Our design features a separate pigtail which is plug and play with the OEM harness plug but will not be subject to external leaking.  Our VT280100-OPS replaces the most common OEM diesel oil pressure sensor being used over the last 15 years.  We also offer a unit for CNG engines and the latest L9 diesel engine.

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