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 Veritranz line of stainless steel replacement
     coolant level sensors for transit buses

 Veritech has designed and supplied stainless steel           
replacements for plastic coolant level sensors on transit buses.  
Our first device in this product line was developed to replace a
1/2" NPT plastic upper coolant switch used on NABI buses at
New Jersey Transit.  This resulted in an order for 1000 units from
       NABI Bus, many of which were installed at NJ Transit.  The part
       number for the latest version of this sensor is VT220794 and
       features the same independent sensor arm and float as our
       replacement for the OEM plastic sensor low coolant level sensor,
       our VT220594-D. There is a minimum order quantity of 25 units.

                     Replacement for plastic OEM
                       low coolant level sensor
         In the Spring of 2015, we were alerted to problems with an
OEM plastic lower coolant level switch found on many NABI, New
Flyer, NOVA and Gillig buses from mid 2010 to the present equipped
with Cummins ISL9, ISLG, and ISB6.7 engines.  These
sensors have two main modes of failure that are addressed by
our replacement: false error coding and coolant leakage.  
An unreliable float design on the OEM sensor can allow the float
to hang upside down, indicating a critically low coolant level on a
surge tank that is full.  Our float moves in a single plane making
false coding nearly impossible. The OEM sensor may leak coolant
from the electrical terminals at the receptacle due to a large
difference in coefficients of thermal expansion between plastic
sensor and the stainless steel surge tank. Our device is
constructed of 304 stainless steel so it will not breakdown due
to thermal cycling.  The part number for this device is VT220594
and it will fit NABI, New Flyer, Gillig and NOVA buses.  After a
retrofit of the OEM plastic sensor with a epoxied harness plug and
Deutsch 2 way pigtail, we released our VT220594-D which is a
"plug & play" replacement.  These sensors are currently installed in
60 transit agencies in the US and Canada.  

            VT220694 3/8 NPT coolant level sensor
     Veritech was approached by a transit agency who was having
problems with 1/4" plastic conductive coolant level sensors on their
2004 to 2006 New Flyer fleet after changing to a new extended life
coolant.  This coolant caused corrosion on the conductive surfaces of
the sensor and resulted in false error coding that caused engine derate.  
We traveled to the agency to examine the problem and develop a
solution.  After characterizing the resistance outputs of the sensor,
we found that there was a 3/8 NPT plugged port on the outboard
side of the surge tank and produced a prototype to utilize this port. 
The initial install was successful and the agency has since purchased
over 100 units.  


        Veritech is now in the development phase of two new stainless
steel coolant level sensors to replace existing OEM plastic sensors as
well as a new stainless steel pressure switch application on transit


click here for VT220594 CUTSHEET

    Bus Maintenance Tools
      Veritech provides specialty tools for electrical and electronic
maintenance work on one of the largest bus fleets in the U.S.
Connector specific crimp, insertion and extraction tools, as well
as some universal full cycle tools, can be supplied according to
the unique needs of your equipment.  Some examples are pictured

Amp Mate N Lok pin extractor
Full Cycle Ratchet Terminal Crimp Tool
Tyco JPT Extraction Tool

Bus Maintenance Parts

        Veritech can help your Bus Maintenance people procure 
the right connectors, housings, pins, and sockets, as well as
many other electrical and electronic parts. We identify OEM
parts for our customers, helping them to avoid buying costly
components from the bus manufacturer. Often we can supply
parts for harness repair, avoiding high priced OEM cable assemblies.
        Veritech is providing many part solutions for NABI (North American
Bus Industries), MCI, Neoplan, and Setra buses and we are adding new
parts continuously.  We are providing the Philips Ecovision Long Life
H1, H3, and H7 halogen lamps rated from 3X to 4X, 1000 hours.
The H1 can be used as a direct replacement on the NABI daytime
running lamps and last considerably longer than competitors lamps.
We also offer an after-market high temperture head lamp harness for
these DTLRs.   Look to Veritech for LED replacments for many standard
incandescent lamps used on the buses to increase run time and lower
maintenance costs due to constant bulb replacement.
          Other electrical parts include a stainless steel liquid level sensor
for the coolant surge tank which dramatically outperforms the plastic unit
provided by the OEM.  Please contact us for more information on this and
any of our bus part offerings.  Below are pictured some examples of items
we have identified for our customers.

Tyco Econoseal II Plug
Tyco JPT Gold Socket
Tyco JPT 15 position Receptacle
Neutrik Female X Female RCA camera adapter

Bus Maintenance Cable Assemblies

& Harness Repair Kits

        Veritech can build replacement cable assemblies and harnesses, as well

as, harness repair kits and other customized solutions.  We are currently supplying

catalytic converter sensor harnesses, reading lights harnesses, and J1939

Diagnostic harnesses.  We also designed and supply an upgraded replacement

harness repair kit for low beam halogen head lamps.  Our latest harness

retrofit, a Water In Fuel (WIF) sensor harness for New York City Transit's

Orion VII diesel hybrid buses is pictured below.  Improvements were made

to the wire, teminals, connectors, and conduit to make a more reliable,

water tight assembly.


click here for WIF HARNESS sheet

click here for Bus Tool & Parts List

click here to download file

click here to download file

click here to download file

Veritech Inc., 628 State Route 10, Unit #4, Whippany, NJ